Bushwood – 6-14-17 Backblast

15 dudes came to the construction site this morning to see what Harris Teeter would come up with.  No FNGs, so we went straight into:


Cotton Pickers X 15 IC

Windmills X 15 IC

Tiger Woods Sun Gods (sobriety style, no Xanax) X 15 forward and backward IC

Side Straddle Hops X 25 IC

ATMs – Alternating Shoulder Touches X 15 IC, then Tempo Merkins X 10 IC, then “regular” Merkins X 10 IC (actually 20 merkins?)

Imperial Walkers X 15 IC


Mosey under the clubhouse to the wall.

BTTW with a 10 count down the line

Chair sit on the wall with a 10 count down the line

Hold plank with a 10 count down the line

Rinse and repeat BTTW, chair sit, and plank line

Second set of ATM’s – Alternating Shoulder Touches X 15 IC, Tempo Merkins X 10 IC, Regular Merkins X 5 IC.  Q couldn’t get to 10 (20?) some groaning here.


Mosey to Hole 1 fairway

From the cart path, broad jump to middle of fairway, crab walk to left-hand rough line, then lunge walk back to cart path

First set of 7’s – plank jacks at the cartpath, diamond merkins on the left-hand rough line, running in between

Second set of 7’s – copperhead squats at the cartpath, Captain Thor at the left-hand rough line, backward running in between.  Backward running up the hill heading right to left across fairway was no joke.

The word “burpee” was written on my sheet for the second set of 7’s, but I spared the PAX and subbed in the squat.  I must have been in a bad mood last night.

Mosey to the Employee Parking lot

Circle burpee X 1 around the horn

Circle Merkin X 5 around the horn


We closed with a Mary consisting of the following in some order and some number.  QIC was losing breath on the counts:

Dying Cockroach, Low Slow Flutter, Dolly, Boat/Canoe, Freddy Mercury, LBC’s.  Closed with Monkey Humpers.


There is a 5K/10K benefitting Coastal Women’s Shelter at Creekside this Saturday at 8am.  Register on active.com if interested.

Acolyte at the Point, Ingrown at the Bear, Unicorn at the Fartlek.

QIC pre-blasted a Simpson’s theme, then forgot to work it into the exercise.  I’ll just close by saying that I’m disappointed with the lack of utilization of Simpsons references in naming our FNG’s.  Where’s Dr. Nick, Lionel Hutz, Ralph Wiggum, or Troy McClure.  But, we do have a Moe.

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