Getting to Know Lawson’s Creek Park

Due to the graduation ceremonies taking place at New Bern High School the Bear was in need of a fill in site.  After reviewing and visiting a couple of options Lawson’s Creek Park won the honor and turned out to be a great site if needed in the future.  A Pax of 13 tried to navigate the mass of matching pick-ups with triton trailers attached to try and find parking places but by the 7 AM hard start all were there…except Bubble Guts who made a rare weekend appearance coming in hot.  He was quickly forgiven especially considering the beat down he had given us the prior morning.  With no FNG’s we quickly jumped in the Warm-o-rama with:

SSH’s x 25, Cotton Pickers x 10, Downward Dog stretches, Windmills x 10, Sun Gods Sobriety style x 20.

Suffeciently warmed up we started with an Indian Run to get a better feel for and see the entire park.  During the approximately 1 mile run we made three stops at two seperate sets of picnic tables and finally some bleachers for identical sets of:  10 Derkins, 15 Dips, 20 Bulgarian Lunges, 25 Irkens, and 30 Step Ups.  Form the bleachers we moved onto the football field for:

The Quarter Pounder:  Cones were placed every 25 yards across the field.  The Pax started on the goal line and sprinted to the 25 yard line and performed 25 Scorpion Dry Docks then backpeddled to the goal line and springted to the 50 yard line and performed 50 American Hammers, then backwards to the goal line and sprint to the 75 yard line for 75 Mt Climbers, then backwards to the goal line and sprint (kind of) to the 100 for 100 SSH’s with a final 100 yard backpeddle to finish.  We had a 20 count offered by Ingrown which was accepted.  After a quick time check YHC realized his second Indian Run would not fit so we moseyed to the large field across the driveway and had fun with a little:

Dora 1-2-3:  The Pax paired up to complete as a team 100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s and 300 Squats.  While Pax A did the exercise Pax B ran about 50 yards across the field and back then Flapjack.  Upon completion there was a jailbreak called so we sprinted to the flag for:

Mary:  Bay City Scissors x 10, LBC’s x 50, Freddie Mercury’s x 10, Low Slow Flutter’s x 10, Monkey Humpers x 15 and some funky finger flexing exercise called by Winthorpe.

We counted off, did name-a-rama and YHC closed in prayer.

As always it was an honor to lead.  My apologies for the large amount of running on a non-Farlek day.  Lawson’s Creek should definately be considered if there is a need in the future for another site, however it does not open until 6 AM.  Hope everyone has a great week and good luck with the legs for Oz’s Fartlek!


John Robert Mattocks

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