The Point BB – Burgers for Breakfast

Burgers for Breakfast was mandated a few years ago by Burger King, and it didn’t take long to figure out that this was a bad idea (much like an Indian Run with a Ruck plate). They scrapped the mandate and made the program optional by franchisee, so the earliest you can have a 100% ground beef with no preservatives from frozen (thanks Roboto) burger is roughly 09:30, at least in these parts.  Luckily McRib wakes up daily ready to share BK useless facts ……… 15 PAX jumped right into

Warm O Rama – moved to Moccasin Field – when a man shows up with a squeegee to clean the gazebo for a yoga class, you get out of the way.

  • 6 Burpees OYO (6 years ago YHC applied to BK)
  • Windmills IC X 15
  • Michael Phelps X 15
  • Huge Jump Rope IC X 20 (lack of coordination on full display)
  • 20 Chin Ups – using gazebo – just because
  • Indian Run with Ruck Plate 20 lbs (last runner runs with plate straight out, then passed down the line to the back) 20 lbs is about the lightest case of anything in our freezer. This took longer than YHC expected, after 4 laps we landed at far end of the Neuse Field for…..

The Thang – 2 cones, 31.5 yards apart – down and back of anything = 63 = same number of years BK has been around. We celebrated 100% ground beef and 160 Whoppers sold daily at my locations with…..

  • Cone 1: 25 Hand Release Merkins bear crawl to Cone 2 for 40 Squats…bear crawl back to
  • Cone 1: 25 Diamond Merkins carioca to Cone 2 for 40 Squat Jumps carioca back to
  • Cone 1: 25 Wide Merkins carioca to Cone 2 for 40 monkey humpers carioca back to
  • Cone 1: 25 Hand Release Merkins bear crawl to Cone 2 for 40 monkey humpers…brief mosey over to steps by gazebo for…….
  • 144 calf raises – (144 Whoppers to a case). Mosey back to Neuse Field for….
  • Partner Leg Throws X20, X15, X20.  Mosey over to Moccasin Field for..


  • 6 Burpees OYO
  • Ground Swim IC X 15 each – Freestyle, breast stroke, butterfly, back stroke – Fish. Out. Of. Water. Talk about uncoordinated.
  • 6 Burpees OYO

Announcements: Headed to West Carteret tomorrow for launch, gather at 05:45 at New Bern High to clown car down. Cuddy & Oz co-Q for Farltek.

YHC closed in prayer, thankful that we all are able to work and that Pete & Nikki’s has the best bacon in the world.

Enjoyed it men, great work today,  I included a pic from today.  Don’t be a LTO. McRib

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  1. I don’t know who goes to BK and doesn’t get a Whopper. I mean, come on. Unless it’s a Croissonwich… that’ll take on Pete and Nikki’s any day.

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