Mitch Cumstein’s Revenge, part II

With the golf course closing down for 3 months next week, Mitch Cumstein felt one more attempt at revenge of the old digs was warranted. 12 eager members of the PAX posted up at 525am ready to roll.

WARMARAMA  (brief)

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Quad stretches OYO, 30-45 sec each leg
  • Downward dog calf stretches OYO, 30-45 sec each leg


  • Indian Run with back man doing 4 merkins and then running to front (through holes 1-3)
  • Stopped by the renovation site at Morning’s back yard and everyone picked up a brick
  • Indian Run with holding brick overhead with running to front of line down each hole
    • At end of hole 4:  25 Merkins, 25 dips
    • At end of hole 5:  20 double count lunges, 30 squats (heard mumble chatter about McRib’s tough Bear workout and legs still recovering)
    • At end of hole 6:  20 double count American hammers, 20 side plank lateral raises (each arm)
    • At end of hole 7:  25 box jumps and 25 plank jacks
    • At end of hole 8: 25 inclined Merkins, 25 dips
    • Jail break down hole 9.
    • Behind hole 9: 20 double count lunges, 30 squats


  • Capt Thor sittups x 25
  • Boxcutters x 25 IC (I think) led by @F3flanksteak
  • Low slow flutter x 25 IC (I think) led by Mr. Roboto
    • Thanks men for your always stellar contributions
  • Superman/Banana x 8


Mr. Roboto has kindly offered to lead 5/24 Bushwood AND 5/27 Bear.  Sounds like he may have a few tricks up his sleeve.   Cochran is on for 5/26 the Point.

No other announcements.

Pleasure to lead this morning. It’s already getting humid – we’ll be missing those Jan/Feb temps here soon!


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