Bushwood BackBlast- Deck of Death

Awesome showing with a PAX of 21 for the YHC’s first Q at Bushwood. Slightly ironic for the festivities to come, too bad we weren’t playing Blackjack. Not much mumble chatter- anticipation or looking to breakfast . Stated mission, disclaimer, warm welcome…


  • Imperial Walkers X 20 IC 4 Ct
  • Windmill X20 IC 4 ct
  • Sun Gods- Little circles, Big circles
  • Achilles stretches
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Straight arm jacks
  • (No takers for climbing/rappelling clubhouse)


Mosey over to hole 11, Q noted glowsticks would have been nice, but PAX figured trees work fine.

Proceed with the Deck of Death- (low cards 2-4 removed/5-7 from 2nd deck added in… will not happen again)

Line up Pull 4 cards at a time- incorporate the cones/trees

  • Club-1st option Burpees no Merkin 2nd option Box Jump
  • Heart- Merkins- High Knees
  • Spades- Star Jack/Squat –  “Mosers” or 1 arm dips
  • Diamonds- WW1-   Dan Taylor 1 squat 4 lunges
  • Between cones/trees:
  • Bear Crawl, Carioca, Mexican- squat jump forward, Dan Taylor’s
  • Backwards Run, Casual run for rest

Not sure of total numbers as Q called some audibles to change pace and regroup several times. Enough of each. Made it thru ¾ of the deck.

Mary cut short:

  • 20 American Hammers

Circle Count, Name a rama, Welcome and Assign FNG- KFC, Q took us out in prayer

Thanks to the PAX for working hard/pushing through and making 1st Q a pleasure!

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