The Point- PyrOz Chemorads Double Virgins

  • When: 08/24/2018
  • QIC: Pyro & Oz...PyrOz!
  • The Pax: 420, Acolyte, Blue Hawaiian, Bomble, Faulkner (Respect), Flank Steak, Ingrown, Lil Wayne, McRib, Morning, Mr. Roboto, O Face, Oz (Co-Q), Peeping Tom (Respect), Pyro (Co-Q), Schnitzel, Sputnik, StickBuilt, Unicorn, Winthorpe, Kung Fu Dog from Nintendo, Bitcoin, Plan B, Goose, Gander, Stye, Maytag (Respect), Doorknob, Schrute, Jeff Davis (FNG, Henceforth RoundUp).

A Pax of 30 (THIRTY!) graced Oz & Pyro for their Double Virginity post…Oz was a virgin Q at The Point and Pyro was a virgin Q…anywhere.

We welcomed our FNG (Jeff Davis, nay RoundUp), threw out the introduction and disclaimer, and jumped in:

I started F3 via a mild Emotional Headlock from Oz 364 days ago on August 25th, 2018 and it is arguably one of the best things to happen to me, ever. I am so much better because of this community.

As for chemorads, Oz is a medical oncologist and I am a radiation oncologist. Chemotherapy circulates throughout the whole body, radiation is directed at a focused area. Both are given with the goal of making things better in the long run.

Oz and I are going to work today to “hurt” you both near and far, all with the goal of making you a better version of yourself.



  1. Cotton Pickers, in cadence x 15
  2. 5 Burpees OYO
  3. SSH, in cadence x 20
  4. Oz Pigeon Stretches OYO
  5. Quad Stretches OYO
  6. Baseball Stretches

Tha Thang:

Mosey from the point to the Galley Store Corner (NE Corner of Pollock and E. Front)

Plank for the 6

10 Merkins in Cadence

75% to City Hall sidewalk (NW Corner of Pollock and Craven)

Al Gore for the 6

Grab a piece of step or curb- baby/toddler squats, butt touching a step x 20

AYG run to grass lot (SW Corner of Craven and S. Front St)

American Hammers IC x 10

Mosey/Recover Run to the Convention Center Overflow Parking lot on the left and circle up

Plank for the 6 (poorly executed on Q’s part)

Ring of Fire- various exercises in a rotating circle, stopping to do a different exercise

Defensive slides to your left

Bobby Hurleys

Defensive slides to your right

Pistol Squats x 10- right leg

Bear crawl to your left

Pistol Squats x 10- left leg

Bear crawl to your right

John Travoltas x 10 IC right arm down

Plank Walk [aka Drunk Bear Crawl (sideways)] to your left

John Travoltas x 10 IC left arm down

Mosey to the end of the Raccoon Wall

Rabid Raccoon Crawl-

Raccoon Crawl the first wall in front of the convention center

Hop off

Backwards run up the ramp to the convention center doors.

Sprint down the walkway to the covered area

5 Burpees OYO

Raccoon crawl the 2nd wall

Plank for the 6

Rinse and repeat the Rabid Racoon Crawl

Mosey to the flagpoles


Mary, aka Yary:

  1. Yoga by Oz!  Lots, and lots of yoga including Merkins, Werkins, and Ranger Merkins.
  2. Finish with FlankSteak Box Cutters to close it out x 35 IC.



  1. FNG Jeff Davis, who owns a Landscaping business, was named Roundup (we also considered Patrinka and Brown Patch).
  2. Announcements
    1. F3 Dads Camp T-shirts order open, closes 09/04/2018
    2. YMCA Men’s Adult League Basketball, email Pyro if interested in playing.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead, and to Oz for prodding to Q. More to come, feedback on tweaks welcomed!

Pyro Out!

PyrOz Chemorads Double Virgins

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park
  • WHEN: Gather 0525; Hard Start 0530; Hard Stop 0615
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: 63 degrees, bring a sweater.
  • WHY: Working to make a better version of yourself.
  • PREVIEW: Chemotherapy works the whole body, radiation hurts a particular area...all for a better tomorrow.

Rock the Block

  • When: 08/17/18
  • QIC: Gander
  • The Pax: Blue Hawaiian, FlankSteak, Faulkner, Peeping Tom, Goose, O Face, Gator, Mr. Roboto, Lil' Wayne, Winthorpe, Oz, Cuddy, Unicorn, Pyro, Sputnik, Stye, The Offering, Plan B, Maytag, FNG Schrute, StickBuilt, Bitcoin, Kung Fu Dog From Nintendo, McRib, Purdy Mouth, DoorKnob, Acolyte, Kevorkian, YHC Gander

A lively and giddy pax of 29 gathered on this warm and moist Friday morning. YHC started with a heartfelt thank you for the F3 experience and what it has done for me. Celebrating the loss of 21 lbs since my V outing at The Fartlek on 2/19/18 – I rid myself of sleeves and used 21 as the  number for the day. Looking forward to my 50th birthday later this year…

FNG Robert O’Connor, Schrute, joined us this am so the disclaimer as mumbled and then we jumped right into:


  • SSH 4CIC x 21
  • Sun Gods 4CIC x 21; flapjack
  • Baseball Stretches OYO
  • Downward Dog OYO
  • Roxanne – less mumblechatter this time – working our way up to Thunderstruck!

The Thang

Mosey down to the traffic circle/waterfront rail and picked up some lovely little coupons (hollow 1/2 cinder blocks – always a pax pleaser) from YHC’s truck. Formed a very long line along the walkway for the following:

  • Butt Squats on wall SCIC x 21
  • Overhead Presses SCIC x21
  • Modified Pickle Grinders on the rail SCIC x 21
  • Overhead Arm Extensions SCIC x 21
  • Modified Pickle Grinders on the rail SCIC x 21
  • Toe Taps on the wall – 1 min with a quick audible to 30 s

Rinse & Repeat

Ventured back to 1988-89 to my old aerobics days at NCSU to test some of the pax coordination skills for a simple box step on the wall. I called these Coordination Checks and they proved to challenge a few. 4CIC x 21

Moved over to the adjacent field for the following:

  • Lt. Dans OYO for a 10 count
  • 21 Block Merkins for partner A; Al Gore for partner B; flapjack
  • Lt. Dans OYO for a 10 count
  • 21 Leg Throws with a coupon presentation; flapjack

Ran out of time to complete 2nd cycle of this set.

Mosey back to flagpole at Union Point for:


  • Box Cutters led by FlankSteak 4CIC x 21
  • LBCs SCIC x 21

A pax of 29! Strong showing and biggest gathering I have been a part of – intimidating to Q. Welcomed FNG Robert O’Connor, Schrute. Announcements about F3 Dads Camp at CSG this weekend – plans are in place and we are ready to roll Down County. Look forward to seeing the pax there and sharing time with the F3Nation. If you are not heading Down County, plan to support Purdy Mouth and his family as they play tonight at the new City Stage (formerly City Laundry) at 7:00pm.

YHC closed in prayer.

Again, a sincere and heartfelt thank you to the members of F3!




Rock the Block

  • WHAT: The Point
  • WHERE: Union Point Park - Gazebo for starters (maybe)
  • WHEN: 8/17/18 Gather 5:15; Hard Start 5:30; Hard Stop: When Finished
  • WHO: All Pax, FNGs and chronic fartsackers - we know you get the e-mails, stop ignoring them.
  • WEATHER: 74, moist & dark
  • WHY: It's Friday - time to get sore!
  • PREVIEW: Bring gloves.

The Point BackBlast – Mini Spartan

  • When: 08/10/18
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Mr. Roboto, Maytag (RESPECT), Gander, Doorknob, Purdy Mouth, Stye, Pyro, Kung Fu Dog From Nintendo, II Fingers, Plan B, Stickbuilt, The Offering, Sputnik, Blue Hawaiian, FNG TomTom, Bitcoin (QIC)

A Pax of 16 resisted the fartsack and gathered at the Union Point Flagpoles for our prescribed morning of exercise.  We had a FNG post this morning (Brad Kimmrey — TomTom), so the full Mission and Disclaimer was given.  Upon completion of this recitation (with a booster shot from Mr. Roboto), we got started with:


  • Burpees 3x OYO
  • Sungods 4ct, 3x IC
  • Cotton Pickers 4ct, 3x IC
  • Short Mosey to brick wall that faces E. Front St for …
  • Indian Plank on Brick Wall.  Pax lines up and planks with feet up on wall.  First Pax does derkin then sprints to other end of line to resume plank.  Each Pax repeats the derkin/sprint until entire length of wall has been traversed.
  • Mosey to grass field by the traffic circle for …

The Thang

  • Mini Spartan — Pax lines up at river side and upon signal from the Q, sprints roughly 60 yards to pre-positioned set of markers.  Upon completion of the sprint, Pax immediately drops to the ground for a rotating set of either 10 Werkins, 10 Ranger Merkins, or 10 Diamond Merkins.  Once all Pax have completed the set, the entire group walks crisply back to starting point to Rinse & Repeat.  Completed 21 repetitions of the Mini Spartan before heading back to Union Point Park.  Although Gander was doing his part to initiate, there was not much in the way of mumblechatter.  (Oxygen consumption and preservation must have been the priority.)
  • Mosey back to same Brick Wall for Indian Plank in reverse direction
  • Mosey to Flagpoles and circle up for …


  • Cotton Pickers 4ct, 3x, IC

Completed Name-O-Rama and dubbed FNG Brad Kimmrey as TomTom.  Closed with Ball of Man and YHC prayed us out.

Great day to be alive, gentlemen.  Let’s be better today than we were yesterday.  Looking forward to tomorrow at The Bear.  As always, it is both an honor and a humbling experience to lead such a high-performing group of men.  Thank you.

Bitcoin out.


Goose is 48

  • When: 07/27/18
  • QIC: Goose
  • The Pax: Gander, Unicorn, Plan B, II Fingers, Flanksteak, Ingrown, Pyro, Sputnik, Cutty, O-Face, McRib, Winthorpe, Lil Wayne, Maytag, Stickbuilt, Goose (QIC)

Pax of 16 showed up for the Goose virgin Q.  Conditions were muggy (didn’t matter).  No FNG’s.  Jumped into Warmarama:

24 – SSH

12 – Cotton Pickers

12 each – Sun Gods (F and R)

12 – Front Claps

12 – Overhead Claps

Downward Dog into Upward Dog

Indian Run to the wall just past traffic circle. Each PAX member claimed a piece of the wall and commenced to:

12 Dirkins alternating with 12 Irkins

12 “Goose” wall jumps

12 Dips

12 Squats (butt touch the wall)

Rinse and Repeat 4x  PLUS 12 BURPEES

Slow walk to grass field.  Circled up (not an early Mary).

12 American Hammers

12 Heel Touches

12 Mountain Climbers

12 Plank Jacks

Rinse and Repeat 2x  PLUS 12 BURPEES

Mosey to City Hall where Flanksteak helped out calling LBC count (Thank you!!!)

24 LBC’s

12 Carolina Drydocks

12 Heel Touches

Rinse and Repeat 2x  PLUS 12 BURPEES

Mosey to Convention Center wall.  Eyed it for Racoon Crawl, but wrapped up our journey to 48  Burpees with 12 BURPEES.

Mosey back to Flag poles at the Point.

Mary – Flanksteak called 24 Box Cutters.  Done!

Name-a-Rama…Announcements and Closed in Prayer.

Thank you PAX for support and help counting cadences.  Worn out, but enjoyed it.  Who’s the next virgin Q?




The Point BB: Shriners have fun.

  • When: 07/20/18
  • QIC: McRib
  • The Pax: Roboto, Pyro, Oz, 2 Fingers, Plan B, Unicorn, Blue Hawaiian, Faulkner, 420, Kevorkian, Maytag, @F3FlankSteak, Stye, Bitcoin, Acolyte, Sputnik, McRib (QIC)

YCH’s creative juices haven’t been flowing lately, so I went with a workout from last year – again.  It did not disappoint.  16 others joined me for some fun in the Shriner’s parking lot.  We met at the gazebo for


  • Helicopters IC X 10
  • Cotton Pickers IC X 10
  • SSH IC X 10
  • Hanging leg lifts IC X 20

Mosey to the Sudan Shriner’s parking lot for


  • At near end of the lot, 20 Sumo Squats, 20 Jump Squats, 20 Toddler Squats, then 20 Lunges each leg ( lunge walking across parking lot). Then 2 Rounds of Double Count Merkins IC X 10.  (with 30 second break between sets)
  • Rinse, repeat – only this time with 2 Rounds of Tempo Diamond Merkins IC X 10 (with 30 second break between sets)
  • Rinse, repeat – this time with 15 of the same kinds of squats, and 2 Rounds of Tempo Crucible Merkins IC X 10
  • Rinse, repeat – again with 15 of each squat, 2 Rounds of Double Count Merkins IC X 10
  • Rinse Repeat – this time with 10 of each squat, then 100 calf raises on curb

Mosey to front of convention center for raccoon crawl, then all you got back to the flag poles for….


  • Break Dancer IC X 7 (we will get to 10 at some point)
  • Boat Canoe

Please remember those who’ve lost loved ones recently.  YHC closed in prayer.

Excellent work today gents.   Remember, if you don’t show up, neither will I.  An honor to lead.

Don’t be a LTO – McRib out! (already sore)