The Bear – DBD Camp

  • When: 08/18/18
  • QIC: Acolyte
  • The Pax: Goose, The Offering, Door Knob, Catheter, Roll Tide, Bitcoin, Unicorn, Acolyte (QIC)

A group of 8 men showed up to the Bear for DBD camp.  Originally named as Dead Beat Dad camp after the guilt trip I received from my son for not signing up for Camp Seagull – but Bitcoin brought comfort by renaming it to Dad Beat Down camp.  After some brief mumble chatter and introductions to a visitor – Catheter from F3 Greenville – we jumped in.


SSH x 20

Imperial Walkers x 10

Cotton Picker x 10

Wide Cotton Picker x 10

Sun Gods x 20

Dowward Dog/Upward Dog

Glute Stretch

Twisting Prayer Twist

Baseball Stretch

Mosey over to the Football Field for

The Thang:

The stations we set up in rotating fashion

Station 1:

Pull Up/Push Up ladder – series of 11

10 push ups : 1 pull up

9 push ups : 2 pull ups

8 push ups: 3 pull ups …

Station 2:

Tire flip/Box jumps – 2 men per station alternate tire flips across the width of the football field.  At each cone stop and complete progressive box jumps – 2, 4, 6, 8, 10

Station 3:

Bear Crawl/Burpees – 2 men bear crawl to each cone across the width of the football field.  At each cone stop and complete progressive burpees – 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

LBC’s for the 6.

After  a quick water break we jogged to the Overhang for a series of Merkins

Diamond Merkins – slow 4 count (10 reps)

Irkins – slow 4 count (10 reps)

Dips  -slow 4 count (10 reps)

Derkins – 10 count OYO

Progressed to the wall for a series of 10 count/man Wall Sits


Freddy Mercuries – 4 count (25 reps)

Heel touches – 4 count (20 reps)

Box Cutters – 4 count (20 Reps)

Boat Canoe – 10 reps

Superman/Banana – 10 reps

Finished with COT and quick prayer.  Prayer request for Bitcoin as he travels to Lynchburg to bring his daughter back to school.  Also prayer requests to all PAX at Camp Seagull this weekend represent us well.  To those starting school this week – wishes for a healthy and productive year.  4 PAX made it to breakfast at Pete and Nicky’s.

Upcoming Schedule:

Fartlek – Lil Wayne

Bushwood – Bitcoin

Point – “PyrOz” – Pyro and Oz co-Q

Bear – OPEN

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.  It was great to be back after a couple weeks off.  Have a great week every one!!

~ Acolyte

The Bear Pre-Blast – DBD Camp

  • WHAT: The Bear
  • WHERE: New Bern High School
  • WHEN: Saturday, 8/18 Gather 0655 Hard Start 0700 Hard Stop 0800
  • WHO: Any man or FNG
  • WEATHER: Sunny and 75
  • PREVIEW: Beat down for the Dads who didn't sign up for Camp this weekend. It will be fun. Bring gloves and be prepared to work.

The Bear BackBlast – Army Training, Sir!

  • When: 08/11/18
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Purdy Mouth, Door Knob, Plan B, Blue Hawaiian, The Offering, Cuddy (RESPECT), Morning, Bitcoin (QIC)

A Pax of 8 hard core men posted for this morning’s version of The Bear.  Weather was a bit overcast, and still quite muggy.  We circled up for the greeting, QIC gave a brief statement or two about the theme, and began with:


  • SSH 4ct. IC 20x
  • Ranger Merkins SC IC 10x
  • Down Dog Stretch OYO


  • Scout Run from parking lot to practice football field/track area
  • Partner up for:  Partner A – BurpUps (Burpee with Pullup) 5x; Partner B – WWI Situps & switch
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Dive Bombers (complete with sound effects from the Pax) IC 10x
  • Army Crawl (belly) from goal line to midfield, then switch to back for remaining 50 yards.  This was modified to crab walk and/or Lt. Dans as doing a back crawl was ridiculous.
  • Partner up for second round of BurpUps 5x and WWII Situps & switch
  • Belching – Starting at goal line on belly, on Q’s signal jump to feet as with a burpee and sprint 20 yards whereupon Pax would dive to ground.  Once all Pax were realigned, Rinse & Repeat until 100 yards were covered
  • American Hammers 4ct. IC 20x
  • Partner up for Buddy Team Assault – Parnter A would station at 10 yard line.  Parter B starts from goal line and sprints 20 yards and drops to ground and rolls over before resuming a keeling firing stance.  Partners leapfrog length of football field in this manner until all 100 yards are traversed.
  • Partner up for third round of of BurpUps 5x and WWI Situps & switch
  • 4 man Fire Team Withdraw under fire with Weekend at Bernies.  Staggered withdrawal from goal line to midfield at which point we have a man down who needs to be carried (2 Pax do the carrying) the remaining 50 yards to goal line.
  • Partner up for fourth round of BurpUps 5x and WWII Situps & switch
  • Tunnel of Love
  • Cooler Ops to side of school — Group takes off at a quick walk/rucking pace, 2 Pax transport cooler full of ice and water bottles.  Every 30 seconds or so, front 2 Pax circle back to relieve the two mule Pax.  Repeat until entire group reaches side of school.
  • Box Jumps 20x OYO
  • Reverse Grip Irkins SC IC 15x
  • Box Assisted LBCs (Legs on box) IC 75x
  • Cooler Ops to Shovel Flag


  • Circle of Lt. Dan
  • Ranger Merkins SC IC 10x
  • CountORama, NameORama, Prayer

Gentlemen, once again I have been motivated by the effort of the PAX.  YHC’s hope is that this was a “fun” workout, even though it was sort of tough.  Let’s take a moment today to pause, reflect and appreciate those who do this for real — those whose lives and the lives of their team depends on their level of physical fitness, their desire to do hard things, and their willingness to go in harm’s way.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend, gentlemen.  You earned it today.

Bitcoin out!

A little bit of everything

  • When: 08/04/2018
  • QIC: Winthorpe
  • The Pax: Gander, Cornfed, Purdy Mouth, Faulkner, 420, Sty, McRib, Roll Tide, Acolyte, Blue Hawaiian, Cuddy, FNG Luke Clark - The Offering

13 warriors met and we had sunshine for the first time in a while.  Q had a chance to dust off the F3 mission statement with 1 FNG in the mix.  Afterwords, we jumped right into …

F3 Yoga –
Sungods – IC x 10 forward and backwards
Cotton Pickers
10 Burpees – OYO
Mosey to the football parking lot

We did an escalator workout, adding a new exercise at each corner.  We did a version of an indian run in between.

Duck walk indian run to ..

First corner – 5 Burpees,  then Bear Crawl indian run to …

2nd corner – 5 Burpees + 10 Iron Mikes then High Knee & Butt Kick indian run to …

3rd corner – 5 Burpees + 10 Iron Mikes + 15 Merkins Backwards run to..

4th corner – 5 Burbees + 10 Iron Mikes + 15 Merkins + 20 Carolina Dry Docks.

Mosey to covered area where the Pax partnered up on the cement blocks.

Round 1 – Partner A did Dips x 30 while partner B did Air Peoples Chair.  Switch.

Round 2 – Partner A did Irkins x 25 while partner B did WWI’s x 20.  Switch

Round 3 – Partner A did Dirkins x 25 while partner B did American Hammers x 10 (4 count).  Switch

Round 4 – Partner A did Step Ups x 15 (each leg) while partner B did Freddy Mercury’s x 10 (4 count).  Switch

Rinse and Repeat the whole thing with some slight midifications.

After the repeat we walked down the steps and partnered up for Suicides / LBC’s.  Partner A did LBC’s while partner B did suicided up the steps and through the covered area.  2 times through the suicides for each team.  Then one more suicide while partner did SSH’s.

Legs feeling pretty heavy we did a walk / mosey back to the parking lot for ..

A nice long 007 and then Dying cockroach x 10 and we were gassed!


Introducing our newest member “The Offering”.  Luke Clark – 19 years old and attending Craven Community College.

Congrats again to the guys who did Sasquatch.  Look for details of another down in Carterico sometime in October.

Sign up to Q or co-Q!

Q took us out in prayer.

Great work today fellas.  Iron sharpens iron … getting stronger in every way.  Thanks for the opportunity!

The Bear – Fun at the Track

  • When: 07/28/18
  • QIC: Cuddy
  • The Pax: 2 Finger, Unicorn, Honey Wagon, Rusty, Pretty Mouth, 420, Cuddy(QIC)

7 posted this warm July morning for some “fun” at the track. Attempting to free some feelings of guilt for not having gone to the Sasquatch, YHC did his best to push himself and the group to its potential.  With no FNGs we started right away with…

Cotton Pickers x 10 IC, 4 CT
SSH x 25 IC, 4CT
Windmills x 12 IC
Hillbillies x 12 IC
Downward Dog/Upward Dog

We did an Indian run to the track and divided into two teams for a modified Merkin Mile. The “slow” team when in one direction and the “fast” team the other. 25 Merkins were performed when the teams met the second time. We continued for 4 laps with the fast team doing a little more than a mile and the slow a little less.
We then divided into three groups for 100-yard sprint races. At the end of each race we completed 20 reps the following exercises (Squats, LBC, Dips, Sumo Squats, WWIs, Dips, Toddler Squats, WWIIs, and Dips)
We then started a second Modified Merkin mile but had to cut it in half due to time.
We then did a snake run the side of the school where we did 75 Johnny Dramas (aka calf raises with heal lowered well below step.) and BTTW.  We then returned to the front for…

Low Slow Flutter x 20 IC
LBC x 50 IC

Closed with a short payer. Appreciated the opportunity to lead  today.

The Bear – Field of Dreams

  • When: 07/21/18
  • QIC: Ingrown
  • The Pax: Plan B, Stye, Blue Hawaiian, Flanksteak, Roboto, McRibb, Morning, Dumper, Goose, Ingrown (QIC)

10 men gathered at NBHS in very wet conditions for The Bear.  Field of Dreams is a workout we have done 2x before (once in the cold and once in the blazing heat) so it was time to bust it  out in wet conditions but luckily the rain held off.  Stop over visit on his way to Hatteras by Dumper from F3 Hartsville. Isn’t F3 Tourism great!? No FNGs so we jumped into….


  • SSH x 21
  • Merkins x 7, 4 ct
  • Slow Wind Mills x7
  • Cotton pickers x 7
  • Winthorpe Achilles Stretch downward dog OYO

Pre Thang (Employee parking lot)

  • Bataan Death march – consisted of an Native American run( around parking lot) with person in the back of the line starts with 3 burpees then sprints to tap the next man ahead to stop for his 3 burpees, then run to front of the line.  We cycled through this 3 times per man dropping down from 3, 2 , 1 burpees each.  At the near corner we did 21 WWIs.  We then did a short  mosey to the practice baseball field for…..

The Thang Field of Dreams.. build it and they will come.

Starting at home plate the pax ran to first base did 21 merkins, then ran to 2nd base to do 21 squats, then to 3rd for 21 LBCs,  then back to home plate SSH until the six was in.   The Pax  would rinse and repeat around the bases cycling down by 2 reps until number 1.  The original plan was to stop at 7 reps but there were requests to go all the way down to 5, 3, and 1 reps.  Those boys in SC must love their burpees, as Dumper added some extra credit burpees during the end of each cycle…Props!

Post thang –

We did a short  mosey to side parking lot   Starting in a plank line , the person on the end of each line would bear crawl to the benches and do 7 incline merkins, then 21 dips.  The rest of the Pax at the same time were to hold plank (until failure) (modify with Al Gores and LBCs) until  it was their turn.  After we cycled down through the line, there was just enough time to mosey over to a near by wall to do a round of peoples chair and ball  to the wall with 10 sec countdown per man.  Then a short mosey back to the front for…


  • Box cutters x 25 by Flanksteak
  • Low slow Flutters x 15
  • James Bonds
  • Starmans  x 21 with 21 second hold


No announcements.  Gypsy Q for Fartlek, need a Q for Bushwood

Ingrown signing off

Sasquatch Prep, I’m Tired

  • When: 07/14/2018
  • QIC: Oz
  • The Pax: II Fingers, Acolyte, Bitcoin, Blue Hawaiian, Corn Fed, Flank Steak, Goose, Ingrown, McRib, Morning, Mr. Roboto, Plan B, Stye, Unicorn, Oz

11 men showed up to the high school at 6 a.m.  for a little pre-workout warm up which included:

AO #1 – Front of School

Imperial Walkers, Squats, Chilly Jacks, SST.

Over to wall for: People’s Chair Air Press, Balls to the Wall with Chicken Peckers. Rinse and Repeat.

10 Burpees OYO

23 minute run, 1 minute rest

AO #2 – Track Field

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire Mucho Chesto: Bear Crawl with stops for Diamond Merkin x10, Ranger Merkin x10, Merkin  x10, Wide Merkin x10, Staggered Merkin Left x10, Staggered Merkin Right x 10

Bruce Lee: American Hammers x15, Leg Raises x15, LBC x15, Heel-Taps x15, Crunchy Frog x15, 100s

10 Burpees OYO

10 minute run, 1 minute rest

AO #3 Covered Area, Front of School

Irkin x10, Durkin x10, Toe Taps x10 Each Leg, Box Jumps x10 Travoltas with Feet Up on Box x10 Each Arm, Calf Raises x20

To front of school to pick up 4 more friends and then:

BLIMPS: Burpees x5, Lunges x 10 Each Leg, Imperial Walkers x15, Merkins x20, Plank Jacks x25, Squats x30

3 minute run

AO #4 – 50 Yard Line

The Octagon: 8 stations with Partner A doing Alternating Shoulder Taps, Star Jacks, Copperhead Squats, Burpees, Goofball, Plank Jacks, Smo Squats, or Ranger Merkins while Partner B Bear Crawls or Crab Walks to middle, does LBC x10, then returns. Flapjack. Then rotate to next station.

8 minute run, 1 minute rest

AO #5 – Goal Post

10 Minute Murph: Repeat 5 Pull-Ups, 10 Merkins, 20 Squats. Substitute Pull-Ups with 10 Second Hang = 1, Tire Flip equal =2

23 minute run

Announcements: Sign up for Sasquatch. Go to ENC F3 homepage for info.

Q closed in Prayer.

Awesome job today gentlemen! Props to Acolyte and Bitcoin who did the workout with a rucksack.