Murph 2.0

  • When: 04/07/18
  • QIC: Unicorn
  • The Pax: Honey Wagon, Oz, Two Fingers, 420, Roll Tide, Harris Teeter, Bitcoin, Gander, Acolyte, Cuddy, Morning, Unicorn

12 met to give the Murph a shot during a pouring rain and without a partner this time: 1 mile run 100 Pull-ups 200 Push-ups 300 Squats 1 mile run The reps could be completed in any order and none needed to be completed before moving to another exercise.  Most did 10 sets of 10… Read More »

The Bunny and the Bear

  • When: 3/31/18
  • QIC: Acolyte
  • The Pax: Unicorn, Riptide, McRib, Harris Teeter, Bubble Guts, Bitcoin, Honey Wagon, Cuddy, Plan B, Goose, Gander, Gilmour (FNG), Roll Tide, 420, Ingrown, Winthorp(e), Acolyte (QIC)

Easter weekend.  A full moon on the horizon.  A beautiful brisk morning.  A perfect setting to bring 17 men including an FNG Roll Tide's son (Gilmour) and Riptide from Carpex to the Bear at New Bern High School.  After the back beatdown from Unicorn the day before, the QIC needed to stretch out the front side of our upper bodies to balance… Read More »

The Bear……March Madness miler

  • When: 03/17/18
  • QIC: Ingrown
  • The Pax: McRibb, Goose, Gander, 420, CornFed, Ingrown (QIC)

6 men gathered at NBHS in swell  conditions for The Bear.  Since it is March Madness time, YHC stressed that the ACC had a record of 9 teams make the field of 64 but only 5 teams remained after round one. No thanks to our snotty rivals to the north who spit the bit against… Read More »

The Bear….March Madness Miler

  • WHAT: The Bear
  • WHERE: New Bern high school
  • WHEN: 03/17 ; Gather 6:55am Hard Start - 7:00am Hard Stop 8:00am
  • WHO: Any man or FNG; calling all non-golfers and non-campers
  • WEATHER: Swell
  • WHY: March Madness is here.
  • PREVIEW: ACC team outcomes will determine tomorrow's level of pain. Root hard for the ACC today!

The Bear – ACC Tourney trivia

  • When: 03/10/18
  • QIC: Ingrown
  • The Pax: Unicorn, Roboto, Honeywagon, McRibb, Plan B, Squirrels Nest, 420, Harris teeter, Morning, Ingrown

10 men gathered at NBHS in   good conditions for The Bear.  Since it is ACC tourney weekend YHC decided to test the Pax 's knowledge of ACC tourney history. FNGs so we jumped into.... Warm-a-rama: SSH x 10 cotton pickers x 10 Hamstring stretch OYO Sun gods x 10 Winthorpe Achilles Stretch OYO 5 burpees… Read More »

The Bear BB – Ever-present joy

  • When: 02/24/2018
  • QIC: McRib
  • The Pax: Roboto, Unicorn, Blue Hawaiian, Morning, Ingrown, Cuddy, Roll Tide, Cornfed, Windthorpe, 420, Gander, Goose, Honey Wagon, Squirrel's Nest, Noonan, McRib (QIC)

16 men (including 1 FNG) ended up soaked and winded on a close to perfect Saturday.  Here's how we got there: Warm-O-Rama Heisman with a hold X 10 Michael Phelps X 10 Oz Pigeon stretch Sobriety Sun Gods X 10 F and R Calf Stretches OYO, Upward Dog SSH IC X 20 Pistons 1 per leg 5… Read More »