Ruck It BackBlast – AFAP

  • When: 01/14/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Hilfiger (RESPECT), Mr. Roboto, Schrute, Bitcoin (QIC)

AFAP = As Fast As Possible

Straight-Up Rucking, Homey.  No Ruckercise this morning, just a different challenge to try to get better.  A Pax of 4 posted in the cold, windy and misty gloom, each carrying anywhere from 30 – 40 lbs. in his favorite weight-bearing apparatus.  Rucking Pace intervals were the order of the day with alternating periods of “standard” rucking and AFAP rucking.

  • Leave Union Point Park Gazebo at standard pace and across Trent River Bridge to stop light near Outback.
  • AFAP pace back across bridge to traffic circle
  • Standard pace continuing up E. Front Street to Queen and then to Craven (near Salvation Army store)
  • AFAP pace from Craven/Middle Street confluence all the way down Middle to S. Front St.
  • Standard pace back to vehicles
  • With 4 minutes left, AFAP pace around the block and back to vehicles
  • Circle up for Name-O-Rama, Announcements and Prayer — Need a Q for Jan. 28 as Bitcoin will be indisposed that day
  • Approximate distance covered 2.8 – 2.9 miles (as measured by YHC’s odometer)

Great work this morning.  Honored to be a part of it.

Ruck It Pax are becoming beasts.  F3 Sasquatch, here we come.

Ruck It BackBlast – AMRAP, Take Two

  • When: 01/07/19
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Colombo, Hilfiger (RESPECT), Mr. Roboto, Schrute, Bitcoin (QIC)

Today’s iteration was a repeat of last week’s Ruck It (since none of the Pax got to enjoy it).  Five men posted this morning to push themselves to failure on a number of exercises.

AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible

Started at Union Point Park Gazebo

  • Unrucked Pull Ups – AMRAP
  • Ruck to corner of Metcalf and S. Front Street
  • Rucked up Merkins – AMRAP
  • Ruck to Convention Center
  • Overhead Ruck Press – AMRAP
  • Ruck back to corner of Metcalf and S. Front Street
  • Upright Ruck Rows – AMRAP
  • Ruck back to Convention Center
  • Ruck Bicep Curls – AMRAP
  • Ruck to front of BB&T
  • Rucked Up Monkey Humpers – AMRAP
  • Ruck back to Union Point Park Gazebo (Omaha here with car = 3 ruck burpees; completed a total of 9 during this movement)
  • Static Ruck Chest Press with Low Slow Flutter for remaining 1 minute

Hard Stop at 0615.

Circle up for prayer.

Total distance covered:  Approximately 2.2 miles

Ruck It BackBlast – AMRAP

  • When: 12/31/18
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Cantore, Bitcoin (QIC)

AMRAP = As Many Reps As Possible

The pull of the dreaded fartsack must have been strong this morning, as there was only a PAX of 2 at Ruck It this morning.  Cantore posted despite a lingering foot problem as well as a sliced thumb.  Remember kids, a sharp knife is better than a dull one.

Object of the morning was a full burnout for each exercise.  Our course started at the Union Point Park Gazebo, where we began with:

  • Pullups (no ruck) – AMRAP
  • Ruck to corner of S. Front St & Metcalf for Rucked Up Merkins – AMRAP
  • Ruck to Convention Center for Overhead Ruck Press – AMRAP
  • Ruck to corner of S. Front St & Metcalf for Upright Ruck Rows – AMRAP
  • Ruck to Convention Center for Ruck Bicep Curls – AMRAP
  • Ruck to Gazebo for Rucked Up Monkey Humpers – AMRAP
  • Rucked Up Plank for remaining 1.5 minutes
  • Hard Stop @ 0615

Perhaps The Fartlek had a high attendance today with Oz leading the RunFest.  Looking forward to the first post in 2019 at Bushwood.  See you there.

12 Days of Ruckmas – Ruck It Backblast

  • When: 12/24/18
  • QIC: Mr. Roboto
  • The Pax: Bitcoin, McRib, Acolyte, Hilfiger, Corn Dog (F3 Birmingham), Heihei (FNG), Mr. Roboto (QIC)

7 men were eager to welcome Christmas carrying extra weight on their backs. One of them was an FNG. Merlot was splashed. Here’s a look back at the cause.


  • Frankensteins x10 IC
  • Sun Gods x10 IC (forwards and back)

The Thang

Borrowed from‘s post with the suggestion to give this routine a whirl, we did just that. As there was an FNG who did not come with a ruck and weight, we grabbed a plate from Acolyte’s car and swung by Hilfiger’s to get an extra back pack and the routine commenced in the Zaytoun Raines parking lot on Craven.

The workout was performed in the order of, and while singing to the tune of, the 12 Days of Christmas. We followed the pattern of day 1, day 2-1, day 3-2-1, day 4-3-2-1, etc.

Rucks were on or held for all movements except #6 and #9.

The workout (and song lyrics) are as follows:

On the ___ day of Christmas, my Cadre gave to me…
1 Merkin with your heavy ruck on.

2 Simple Squats.
3 Overhead Presses.
4 Man-makers.
5 Foooouuuurrrrr Count flutter kicks.
6 Body weight merkins.
7 Rucks a thrusting.
8 Front hold lunges.
9 Standard sit-ups.
10 Rucks a curling.
11 Mountain Climbers.
12 Monkey Humpers.

After day 6 we took a quick ruck break which led us to the CresCom Bank lot. We performed days 7-12 there interrupted only once by an early need for ATM access, so the pax had to step aside in the middle of some Man Makers. On a side note, the Man Makers were a bit too much to handle at 4 reps, so the Q swapped Man Makers to day 2 and Simple Squats, IC, for day 4. This was the right call, although it still did not prevent the aforementioned merlot spillage.

All 12 days were completed within the available time, but we were a but late getting back to the gazebo. No Mary, but we did get our FNG named and YHC led us out in prayer.

This was a tough routine. The man makers really gave us a run for our money. Serious props to Heihei for pushing through the suck on this one and to Corn Dog for really pulling him through. It was an honor to have led on this Christmas Eve; thanks for the opportunity.

ども ありがと
Mr. Roboto

Ruck It – The Low Down

  • When: 12/17/18
  • QIC: Acolyte
  • The Pax: Bitcoin, McRib, Colombo, Mr. Roboto, Hilfiger, Schrute, Roll Tide, Cantori, Acolyte (QIC)

Strong showing at Union Point this morning with 9 men posting on a cool December morning.  With no FNG’s, we jumped in:


SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x 10

Cotton Pickers x 10

Cotton Picker stretch x OYO

Downward Dog x OYO

Upward Dog x 2

Shoulder/Tri/Neck stretch

Quad Stretch

As the title suggests, this workout is designed to focus on the Lower Body.  Everything will be done Low and Slow with a 3 count down / 1 count up.  We rucked the loop from Front Street to Hancock Street to Pollock Street to Water Street with 3 Stations in between

Station 1

Goblet Squat x 8

Deadlift x 8

Lunge x 16 (8 per leg)

Rinse and Repeat

Station 2

Steps Ups x 16 (8 per leg)

Bulgarian Split Squats x 16 (8 per leg)

Deep Front Squats x 8

Rinse and Repeat

Station 3

Wood Choppers (Elf on a Shelf) x 16 (8 per side)

Calf Raises x 30

Finished with a FAST STRIDE back to gazebo and a quick Mary


LBC x 30 (slow)

LBS x 20 (quick pulse)


  • Please bring any gifts for the adopted family to Roll Tide’s office this week.  Hoping to deliver to family on Saturday.  Still needs gift cards for the parents for clothes, etc.
  • May 19th – Schrute and his wife are competing in a Mudrace in Rockingham.  Please see him for more info is interested in competing

Prayer Request

Please keep my mom (Sharon) in prayers.  She had a successful surgery last Thursday and will be recovering over the coming months.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.  It was great getting back in the saddle!