Where’s Q?

  • When: 12/08/2018
  • QIC: Winthorpe, Deuce, 420, Sty, Plan B, Black Dog, Roll Tide, Rick Mahler

8 guys gathered this morning in hopes of doing some of Cuddy’s favorite things.  7:00 was upon us and we wondered if he was at the track setting up, so we decided to circle up ourselves.  420 led the Warmerama

  • Side Straddle Hops x25 (It was at this exact point that we got word that Cuddy’s back was out and wasn’t going to make it)  We rolled on …
  • Cotton pickers x15
  • Windmills x15

Winthorpe took over for the first part of the Thang

We moseyed to the covered area for stations

Station 1 – Dips, 2 Merkins, 3 Box Jumps, 4 Dirkins, 5 Knee Ups, 6 BTTW, 7 Box Squats, 8 Irkin

45 seconds at each station with a 15 second recovery to get to the next station.

Then Deuce took over for a mosey to the parking lot.

backwards run on the ends of the parking lot and forward run on the long sides.  13 of a called out exercise at each corner.  13 was the number in honor of Cornfed who was running a 1/2 marathon today.

1st corner – Burbees, 2nd Corner – Squat Jumps, 3rd Corner – Freddy Mercurys, 4th corner – Merkins, 5th corner – Merkins, 6th corner – merkins, 7th corner – merkins, 8th corner – Burpees.

We then moseyed onto the football bleachers for stadiums.  We went down the home side and then moseyed to the visitors side and did those.  We did the same thing on the way back for a repeat.

We then moseyed back to the covered area for a rinse and repeat of the station work.  This time we did the exercises for 1 minute and took a 30 second rest in between.

We moseyed back to the parking lot where Roll Tide took us through Mary.

  • Dying Cockroaches x10 IC
  • 007’s
  • LBC’s x30

We finished with COT / BOM

  • Check your emails for Roll Tide’s message about sign ups to help a family this Christmas.
  • F3 party this Wednesday at Ratty’s at 5:30.  Let morning know if your coming.

Ended with prayer by Winthorpe.  We hope that Cuddy’s back heals up so he can show us what his favorite things are.  Consensus of the pax today was that what we did was probably not your favorite things.

Thanks to the 8 men for all stepping up and helping come up with a great workout.


Battle of Jericho

  • When: 12/07/2018
  • QIC: Winthorpe
  • The Pax: Blue Hawaiian, Cuddy, Lil Wayne, OZ, Bitcoin, Cantore, Ingrown, Maytag, Butterball, Peeping Tom, Kevorkian, Plan B, Black Dog, Faulkner, Flanksteak, Gander.

17 men gathered this morning, eager for the upcoming battle.  There was a little nip in the air but it was quickly doused with some movements …

Warm A Rama

10 Burbees right off the bat.  OYO

Cotton pickers x7 IC very slow count

Sun Gods x7 IC slow count forward then backward

Downward Dog and Upward Dog OYO

Slow mosey to the back of the convention center. (Known this day as Jericho)

The Thang

The Israelite’s were led by Joshua to Jericho after Moses told them to go and take over the city.  Upon their arrival, they circled the outside of the walls of the city for 6 days and on the 7th day, they marched around the building 7 times and then took the city.  Crumbling the walls of Jericho.  QIC didn’t realize how large Jericho was, and so we completed 4 trips around while doing various exercises.

Day 1

Pull ups x21 IC, Squats x21 IC, LBC’s x21 IC mosey to the front for Australian Jacks x21 IC.  (Little know fact about the battle of Jericho is the Australian contingent that spoke funny and talked about shrimp on the barbie)

Day 3

Reverse Pull Ups x14 IC, Lunges x14 IC, Freddy Mercury’s x14 mosey to the front for Australian Mountain Climbers x14 IC.  (Another seldom remembered fact is that the Australians left the Isrealite’s to head to Austria to become mountain climbers)

Day 5

Pull Up Hold for 14 count, Iron Mike’s x14 IC, Dying Cockroach x14 IC mosey to the front for Australian shoulder taps x14 IC.

Day 7

Reverse Pull Up Hold for 14 count, mosey so the ramp for railing crawls with a run through the man tunnel once you got to the end of the railing.  Mosey to the side of Jericho for Winthorps plank to wall Ups x14 IC.  Mosey to front for Australian Squats x7 IC.

Indian Run around the point circle once with a jail brake from the last corner to the gazebo for


Dying cockroach hold with legs straight up and arms straight up lift and hold.

Chilcut hold lift right leg and then left leg hold.

Freddy Mercury’s with a twist.  On you 6 with hands together over your head and move them both to one side then back and then to the other side. x10 IC.


Totally Gassed!


Please see the email that Roll Tide sent yesterday about the family we are sponsoring this Christmas.  Plenty of opportunity for everyone to contribute to that worthy cause.

F3 Social next Wednesday 12/12 – Captain Ratty’s at 5:30.  After party at some bar that will let us in.

Closed in prayer.  Nice work today fella’s.  The Isrealite’s would be proud of you.  And in the immortal words of Joshua as the walls of Jericho were crumbling … “let’s go eat at Pete and Nikki’s!”

Winthorpe Out!


Black Ops Backblast

  • When: 12/16/2018
  • QIC: Kevorkian
  • The Pax: Cuddy, Faulkner, Peeping Tom, Kevorkian

4 Pax not bothered by cold weather made the trek around a 4+ mile loop this morning.  We ran, no burpees, merkins, or other exercises!

Mucho Chesto Backblast

  • When: 12/05/18
  • QIC: Lil Wayne
  • The Pax: II Fingers, Black Dog, Bitcoin, Blue Hawaiian, Bubble Guts, Cantore, Cuddy, Deuce, Gander, Faulkner, Flank Steak, Kevorkian, McRib, Oz, Peeping Tom, Plan B, Pyro, Stye, Unicorn, Winthorpe

A group of 21 gathered this morning for a little chest work, among other things.  We got right after it with:


Blue Hawaiian Lap

Side Straddle Hops x 15 IC

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

Sun Gods x 10 IC

BH Lap

Cotton Pickers x 10 IC

The Thang

San Antonio Shuffle (Lunge, Lunge, Burpee, Plankjack) across the parking lot.  4 lunge steps followed by 4 squats back across.

Merken Ladder- 20 Merkens, run under overhang, then 19, then back up to parking lot for 18 , and so on and so forth down to 10, for a total of 165 Merkens

Rinse and Repeat San Antonio Shuffle and Lunge/Squat

Field of Dreams- 4 groups.  Group 1 did Monkey Humpers, Group 2 Ranger Merkens, Group 3 Plankjacks, Group 4 15 Burpees.  Once Burpees were done, groups rotated until all had done all exercises.


American Hammer x 20 IC

Boxcutters x 20 IC

LBC’s x 30 SC

Low slow flutter x 15 IC

Plankjacks x 30 SC OYO

And that was it.  Thanks for coming out.  Good work!

The Bear BB: MIB – several days late

  • When: 12/01/2018
  • QIC: McRib
  • The Pax: Plan B, Black Dog, Stye, Mr. Roboto, 2.0 Speedy, 420, Deuce, Unicorn, Honey Wagon, Flanksteak, Winthorpe, Morning, Roll Tide, McRib (QIC)

Strong showing at the Bear last Saturday – a PAX of 14.  Here’s what we did.


  • Helicopters IC X 10
  • Cotton Pickers IC X 10
  • Super wide cotton pickers (the Acolyte) IC X 10
  • Downward Dog Calf, into Runners Stretch
  • Left over right, right over left 20 count each
  • Back stretches on 6
  • SSH IC X 10

Mosey to Practice Field for

Thang – sets of cones

  • Sprint from set one to set 2 (30 yards)
  • Cool down from set 2 to 3 (20 yards)
  • Bear Crawl from 3 to 4 (30 Yards)
  • Tempo Diamond Merkins IC X 10 at end

Rinse/repeat 10 times – switching between various forms of bear crawling. That included – Regular Bear Crawl, Injured Bear Crawl variations – use only left, then right arm only.  Use only left, then right leg only, then Crawl Bear for finale.  Made it through 8 sets of the Tempo Diamond Merkins.  All sprints/Bear Crawls were completed as planned.

Partner carry length of field (80 Yards) – flap jack

Mosey around school to covered area for:

3 sets of calf raises (regular, toes out, toes in) – 20 on each step (I believe there are 7). After each set scale the ramp down, Al Gore for the 6.

For good measure BTTW shoulder taps – 2 sets of 10 IC.

Mosey to front for Mary

  • American Hammers IC X 25
  • Dying cockroach IC X 25
  • Boat/Canoe – with 20 second hold at end

Excellent work gentlemen and an honor to lead.  YHC’s closing remarks:  This is the most wonderful time of the year, but very difficult for many.  Be aware of those who find this holiday season a tough one.

McRib out! (calves still sore)

Figure 8

  • When: 12/03/2018
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The Pax: Faulkner, Kevorkian, Oz, 2 Fingers, Lil Wayne, Gander, Cuddy, Unicorn, 420, Plan B, Peeping Tom, Pyro, Stye, Cornfed, Deuce

15 PAX came out to enjoy what may be the last 60 degree morning of the year.  With some ground to cover, we began our mosey at the hard start.  The first stop was at the corner of Country Club and Camelia for


  • Oz stretches
  • Right over left/Left over right
  • Downward dog


  • Run to corner of Trentwoods Dr. and Trent River Rd. for 5 Burpees (OYO), 10 Carolina Drydocks, 15 WWIs, 20 Merkins (SC), 25 SSH (SC), 30 Plankjacks (SC), 35 LBCs, 40 Air presses
  • Run to other corner of Trent River Rd. and Trentwoods Dr. for 5 Burpees (OYO), 10 Carolina Drydocks, 15 WWIs, 20 Merkins (SC), 25 SSH (SC), 30 Plankjacks (SC), 35 LBCs
  • Run to corner of Country Club and Hillcrest for 5 Burpees (OYO), 10 Carolina Drydocks, 15 WWIs, 20 Merkins (SC), 25 SSH (SC), 30 Plankjacks (SC)
  • Run to corner of Country Club and Camelia for 5 Burpees (OYO), 10 Carolina Drydocks, 15 WWIs, 20 Merkins (SC), 25 SSH (SC)

That was one figure 8.  Time was a little tighter than I had hoped but we continued for a second smaller figure 8.

  • Run to corner of Chelsea and Greenview for 5 Burpees (OYO), 10 Carolina Drydocks, 15 WWIs, 20 Merkins (SC)
  • Run to corner of Greenview and Country Club for 5 Burpees (OYO), 10 Carolina Drydocks, 15 WWIs
  • Run to corner of Country Club and Hillcrest for 5 Burpees (OYO) and 10 Carolina Drydocks
  • Run to corner of Camelia and Country Club for 5 Burpees (OYO)

All PAX were back to the club parking lot by 6:18.  After a quick namarama, YHC sent everyone home with a quick well wish for the week and apologies for running over.

YHC was hoping for better graphics on his Garmin of the Figure 8s but they were not noteworthy enough to share.  That said, we covered 3.4 miles and performed 600 repetitions of exercises.  Strong effort by all PAX.

Ruck It BackBlast – My Gift

  • When: 12/03/18
  • QIC: Bitcoin
  • The Pax: Acolyte, Cantore, Hilfiger (RESPECT), Mr. Roboto, Bitcoin (QIC)

A Pax of 5 posted this morning in the fog and humidity for YHCs birthday Q.  As you know, the aforementioned Q has reached a milestone of sorts, with his 2.0s calling their father “Version 5.0” from this point forward.  Even received a thermal cup from my M with my F3 name etched on it to commemorate said milestone.  We welcomed back Acolyte, and re-welcomed Cantore for his inaugural Ruck It.

Theme for the morning, of course, was 50.  My Gift to the Pax was a ruck weighing 50 lbs that was to be rotated among the Pax while traversing our route.  With the well-known leadership mantra  “If you can’t do it, you can’t Q it” in mind,  YHC took the lead and bore the weight for the first period of time.  Once the initial time period expired, the Pax halted and performed 10 Squats and 10 Merkins.  Merkins were certainly more difficult with the 50 lb ruck pushing against you.  After recovering, the Gift Exchange was made, with one of the other Pax taking his time with the 50 lb ruck, plus Squats and Merkins.  After the third rotation, Pax was having too much fun with the Squats, so they were modified to be Tempo Squats – basically a slow count down for a three count cadence with the return to the upright position being the repetition.

Each Pax had a turn with the Gift and completed a total of 50 each of Squats and Merkins – 40 with his own ruck, and 10 with the 50 pounder.  Cantore did an excellent impersonation of a turtle turned over on its back at the end of his time with the Gift.  Distance covered was approximately 2 miles.  Less distance covered than with previous Ruck Its.  However, the stops for Ruckercise and Gift Exchange took a few minutes apiece.  Once in stride, pace was actually fairly brisk.  Stimulating conversation among the Pax was also part of the experience.

Pax circled up and YHC prayed us out.  It was a pleasure to lead this morning.

Lil Wayne will be Qing up Bushwood.  See you there.

The Point – 41 Oz

  • When: 11/30/2018
  • QIC: Oz
  • The Pax: Cuddy, Flank Steak, Faulkner, Ingrown, Kevorkian, Lil Wayne, McRib, Pyro, Peeing Tom, Unicorn, Bitcoin, Plan B, Gander, Stye, Black Dog, Cantore, Oz

17 on Friday including FNG Roland Clark (Cantore)


40 SSH, 1 Burpee

40 Goofballs, 1 Burpee

40 Imperial Walkers, 1 Burpee

Thang 1 – Laps around The Point Parking Lot Stopping at 4 Corners with Divided:

40 Merkins, 1 Burpee

40 Monkey Humpers, 1 Burpee

40 Werkins, 1 Burpee

40 Copperhead Squats, 1 Burpee

40 Staggered Merkins Left, 1 Burpee

40 Low Country Crap, 1 Burpee

40 Staggered Merkins Right, 1 Burpee

40 Plank Jacks, 1 Burpee

Thang 2 – Grab a Rock

40 Chest Presses, 1 Burpee

40 Count Wall Squat, 1 Burpee

Rinse and Repeat


40 LBCs, 1 Burpee

40 Low Slow Flutter, 1 Burpee

40 Dolly, 1 Burpee

40 Count 007, 1 Burpee


Well Done Men!!!