The Bear Backblast

  • When: 02/10/2018
  • QIC: Honey Wagon
  • The Pax: Harris Teeter, McRib, Sully, Acolyte, Duece, Kevorkian, Blue Hawaiian, Cuddy, Morning

Sorry for the delay, technical difficulties over the weekend.


Don’t Poke the Bear featured the return of Deuce and saw 10 gather for a slightly modified remake of a holiday classic: Morning’s 12 Days of Christmas.


Warm o Rama
o Abe vigoda
o Side straddle hops
o Monkeyhumpers
o Sun god f
o Sun God b
o Windmills
o Down dog
o Up dog
o Moracoan night club

Courtyard: Box jumps x 10, Step ups on box x 10 each leg, Calf raises x 25, LBCs on box x 25

12 Games of UVA/Pitt at parking lot (each round followed by run longways down parking lot and Cariocoa shortways to opposite corner)
-BC/Miami: Catalina Wine Mixer x 1
-Vtech/UL: Monkey Humpers x 2
-UNC/Vtech: Burpies x 3
-Syr/Duke: Squats x 4
-NCSU/Gtech: Merkins x 5
-Gtech/Syr: Dying cockroach x 6
-WFU/Duke: Lunges x 7 each leg
-Clem/NCSU: Travoltas x 8 each side
-Duke/Syr: Imperial walkers x 9
-UL/Miami: Plank jacks x 10
-Syr/UNC: American Hammer x 11
-FSU/Clem: Air presses in Squat x 12

• low slow flutter 20 count IC
• heal touches 20 count IC

• Duke debutante sit ups 10 count IC

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