F3NewBern Christmas Gathering

  • WHAT: F3NewBern Christmas Gathering
  • WHERE: NBGCC - inside this time
  • WHEN: Friday 12/22/17 Gather 18:00 (6pm) Hard Stop when Davey says so
  • WHO: The Pax of F3NewBern and M's
  • WEATHER: Well-lit and late-1980's decor

    • Let’s all gather at the Club on Friday 12/22 at 6pm to spread some Christmas cheer.  We have a designated room reserved, but we’ll decide whether we should just take over the bar.  No gifts, no bad sweaters, no yule logs, no caroling, no Cousin Eddie.  Maybe eggnog.

      If you aren’t a member, it doesn’t matter.  The Club takes cards.  Hopefully Moe can join us on the right side of the bar.

      I’ll check into what kind of food options the Club might have and report back later.

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